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Response Bubble

Response to Gender in Feminism

Response to discussion at… Feminism as it is mostly practiced is a political movement and as such has all of the blind spots that political movement...

Know Thyself

Modern Philosophy and Its Loss of Wisdom

Some Background This blog-post is an indirect response to a blog-letter discourse that Chris Bateman and myself recently concluded that was about knowledge and how we know that we know. You can read it if you are so inclined at...

Emotional Knowing

Validation, Conviction, and Doubt

This is an open letter in response to Chris Bateman; it is written in a format to cultivate an open discussion, so please do not hesitate to get involved! Dear Chris, It has taken me some time to write this response to you abou...

New Top Level Domains

Domain Name Shame: Top 3 Things to Know

So I have been in the domain and website business since August 2010. I have made a little bit of money but have also lost more. While I can’t brag about success, I can share with you an opinion that is informed by experie...