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New Top Level Domains

Domain Name Shame: Top 3 Things to Know

So I have been in the domain and website business since August 2010. I have made a little bit of money but have also lost more. While I can’t brag about success, I can share with you an opinion that is informed by experie...

Magnifying Glass over Values

Blog-Letters, Values, and More

Dear Chris, Thank you so much for your blog-letter, ‘The Merit of Letters‘. I do not intend on getting the last word on this discussion, but do hope that by continuing to demonstrate and practice the Blog-Letter, it...

Groucho Marx Quote on Principles

Retrenching a Republic to a Band of Bloggers

Dear Chris Bateman, I am writing in response to your blog post “Prolegomena to Any Future Manifesto“. What you write resonates with me as I used to be actively involved in electoral politics and had my hand in the f...

Running Man

The Long Race of Customer Retention

Dear friends, My company Promaginy is a few months away from alpha launching our premier game website, Heropath. We are putting the finishing touches on the site’s functionality and still need to do some serious testing. ...